Stage 0 - Receiver, Digital backend, Outrigger

Leaders: Alex Wuensche and Amilcar Queiroz

This working group focuses on the receiver, digital backend, data streams, outrigger instrument description, data reductions and analysis, IM pipeline status, beam analysis, and  hide & seek adapt.

Stage 0

Alex Wuensche, INPE, Faculty
Amilcar Queiroz, UFCG, Faculty
Andre A. Costa, Yangzhou University, Faculty
Filipe Abdalla, UCL, Faculty
Fred Vieira, INPE, PhD student
Gabriel Hoerning, USP, Student
Jacques Delabrouille, Université Paris Diderot and Université Paris Saclay, Faculty
Jeferson Sales, PPGCosmo, PhD’s student
Jiajun Zhang, Institute for Basic Science (IBS), Korea, Postdoc
João Alberto de Moraes Barretos, USP, Student
João Rafael Lucio dos Santos, UFCG, Faculty
Jordany Vieira, USP, PhD student
Kenji Kadota IBS CTPU, Korea, Faculty
Larissa Santos, Yangzhou University, Faculty
Luan Baraúna, INPE, PhD candidate
Luciano Barosi, UFCG, Faculty
Marcelo V. dos Santos, UFCG, Faculty
Marcio Gastaldi, INPE, Engineer
Pablo Motta, USP, PhD student
Ricardo Landim, Technical University of Munich, Postdoc
Vincenzo Liccardo, INPE, Postdoc
Victor Afonso, UFCG, Faculty
Xue Zhang, Yangzhou University, Faculty
Yu Sang, Yangzhou University, Faculty
Zhongli Zhang, Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, Faculty