On November 10, 2022, the BINGO Collaboration organized an event to celebrate the signature of the contract to build the BINGO telescope, signed between the Institute 54 of CETC and the research foundation Parque Tecnológico da Paraíba. The event was attended by the members of the BINGO Collaboration in Brazil, China, and the United States and also several authorities. Among them, we had: Prof. Elcio Abdalla USP, Amilcar Queiroz UFCG, Luciano Barosi UFCG, João Rafael Santos UFCG, Bin Wang Yangzhou University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Anzhong Wang University of Baylor Texas, Carlos Alexandre Wuensche INPE, Prof. Ding President of the Yangzhou University, Dr. Wen Vice President of Institute 54 of CTEC, Percival Henriques de Souza Neto President of IBRTEL, Claudio Benedito da Silva Furtado Secretary of Education of Paraíba, Rubens Freire Ribeiro Executive Secretary of Science and Technology of Paraíba, and Antonio Fernandes Filho President of UFCG. We also had the presence of authorities from the Fundação Parque Tecnológico da Paraíba, ANATEL, Astronomical Observatory of Shanghai, University of Shanghai Jiao Tong, University of Baylor in Austin, University of Baylor in Texas, SBPC, FINEP, City hall of Aguiar Paraíba, LABRE and Paraíba Government.

The Insitute 54 of CETC was responsible for building the famous FAST radio telescope, also known as Tianyan or Eyes of the Sky. This signature is a milestone in the history of BINGO, opening the beginning of a new era of radio astronomy in South America. 

The presentation of Prof. Elcio Abdalla in the opening section of the event can be found bellow.


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